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MOVICOL® is a product of Norgine, a specialty pharmaceutical company founded in 1906, which also has a global presence. We are committed to developing high quality, innovative products not only to treat life-threatening conditions, but to improve the quality of life for patients with a variety of acute and chronic illnesses.

Other products made or distributed by Norgine in Australia include NORMAFIBE®, NORMACOL® Plus, MOVIPREP® and XIFAXAN®.*

Please see the Norgine Australia corporate website for more information.

Contact information

For more information about constipation and what treatment might be right for you, speak to your doctor or pharmacist.  Your doctor or pharmacist may have samples for you to assess is MOVICOL is right for you.

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For drug safety or medical enquiries, you can also contact us on 1800 766 936


Norgine Australia / NZ Office
3/14 Rodborough Rd
Frenchs Forest
NSW 2086
(02) 8422 0800 and 1800 636 000


* Product under licence from Alfa Wassermann S.p.A. XIFAXAN is a registered trademark of Alfa Wassermann Hungary KFT licensed to the Norgine group of companies.

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