Effective relief of constipation in children (aged 2-11 years)

  • Half strength formulation for children 2 years and older.
  • Can also be used in adults who need a smaller dose.
  • No flavouring or sweetener.
  • Once each sachet is dissolved into 62.5 mL of water, MOVICOL Junior can be flavoured with cordial.
  • Available in the self-selection section at pharmacies in boxes of 30 sachets.
  • MOVICOL Junior and MOVICOL-Half are among the only oral medications indicated and currently available in pharmacies for the treatment of faecal impaction in children.
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For the treatment of constipation, including chronic constipation in adults and children aged 2 years and older; and the resolution and prevention of recurrence of faecal impaction (as diagnosed by a doctor) in children aged 2 years and older.

Use in children aged 2 years and older should be limited to 12 weeks except under medical supervision. Not recommended for use in children under 2 years of age.


Constipation: Adults: see patient information leaflet.

Chronic constipation: Adults and children aged 2 years and older: see patient information leaflet.

Faecal Impaction as diagnosed by a doctor/prevention of recurrence of faecal impaction in children aged 2 years and older: see patient information leaflet.

Directions for use:

Dissolve the contents of one sachet in 1/4 cup (about 62.5 mL) of water then drink it. Do not exceed the stated dose. Drink plenty of water, and increase fibre in diet, except in cases of medication-induced constipation. Prolonged use of laxatives is undesirable and may lead to dependence. MOVICOL Junior should not be used for treatment of faecal impaction in children for more than 7 days. If symptoms persist, see your doctor. Use only if carton seals are unbroken.

Each 6.9 g sachet contains:

Macrogol 3350 6.563 g
Sodium chloride 175.4 mg
Sodium bicarbonate 89.3 mg
Potassium chloride 25.1 mg

On reconstitution in 62.5 mL of water each sachet provides:

Sodium 65 mmoL/L
Chloride 53 mmol/L
Bicarbonate 17 mmol/L
Potassium 5.4 mmol/L

Store below 25°C
Keep all medicines out of the reach of children.


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