Questions for your Healthcare Professional

If you suffer from constipation - either occasionally or persistently - talking to your
healthcare professional can help you understand and manage better.


Here are some questions you
may wish to ask them.

What are the common causes of constipation?

Are my current medications likely to cause constipation?

If prescribed or recommended a laxative, how should I take it?

What side-effects may I get?

Are some laxatives better tolerated than others?

Are some laxatives more efficacious than others?

What are the differences between an iso-osmotic laxative and a stimulant laxative?

Are there any laxatives that might be more suitable than others for long-term use?

Why is it important to maintain hydration when constipated?

How much water do I need to drink when taking different types of laxative?

Is there any risk of becoming reliant on a laxative if I start using it?

It may be helpful to print this page (and add any further questions to your list).

Click here for a toilet diary that you can also complete and print, then take to your doctor or pharmacist.