How MOVICOL® works

Unlike some laxatives that work to cause bowel contractions through nerve stimulation, MOVICOL has
a natural mode of action that works gently, in harmony with your body.

MOVICOL brings water to the hard, dry stool, and then acts locally in the colon to relieve constipation:

  • The water retained by MOVICOL softens the stool and bulks it up slightly.
  • As the stool gently expands, it naturally triggers colonic activity and a bowel movement.
  • Because of the lubricating effect of MOVICOL and the rehydrated, softened, stool – the bowel movement feels comfortable.

There’s no gain or loss in either water or electrolytes, because when it’s mixed with water, MOVICOL forms an ‘iso-osmotic’ solution – which is less likely to dehydrate the body. And once it’s worked to bring about a bowel movement, the active molecule, Macrogol 3350, is expelled from the body virtually unabsorbed.

This video shows how MOVICOL works. Please ensure sound is on.



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